February 01, 2011

O have you seen the devle with his mikerscope...

          FIRSTLY, welcome to the all new (improved! new recipe! kills 200 more germs than before!) AllThat YouveDone.com. It has been a long time in the pipeline, and for those who have stuck with me from the 'early days' and have been wondering for the last few months why there have been no new articles, etc - a very special thank you. The same, in a different way, of course goes to any new arrivals, welcome and many thanks for taking the time to check out this site from amongst the millions of competing sites, blogs etc out there.

   This whole new layout is about interaction, and the whole template has been left rather open quite deliberately. If anything on the site takes your interest, or if there is something you would like to see, or discuss, please let me know - and where better than on one of the most exciting parts of the new design, the forums. Once you have registered (free, of course) you can ask, discuss or disagree with and about anything you like- and post up not only your own thoughts but your own creative writing, etc. As with the main site, the forums will evolve to suit the needs of all. I will be posting plenty more on the forums than is featured in the articles on this page, so please do pop along.

   The forums will also feature an Archive of all blog posts, in what I believe is a more user friendly format than endless long links from the home page.

   Over the next few months I also hope to have some videos up soon - of which more soon...

   Also, and as before, you can find me/the site on the Facebook group and also on Twitter (@Trevor_N_Bond). Or email me: trevor-bond@all-that-youve-done.com. As Bob Hoskins once said, it's good to talk!


Trevor N Bond.


  1. I like this very much. I may have some maps of interest of the east end regarding likelihood of criminality based on physical geography. Well done sir!

  2. Excellent site Trevor, will be popping in now and then, and will give your new page a mention in my Blogger in the next issue of Ripperologist.

  3. Thanks both - Dave, can't wait to see those maps. Mike, you've done more than anyone else (including me) to plug my work and I'm really grateful, at least now I have something to repay your faith. In fact, it was your latest plug for the old site that gave me such a guilt trip that I finally got around to getting 'v2' up.

    God bless both of you and all who, ahem, ride in you...